Administration & governance


Administration & governance


About the Dean

Meet Christopher Trueman, Interim Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science.

The Dean's Office

Dean Trueman counts on the administrative support of staff members in the Office of the Dean, who include his Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Office Assistant, and Communications Advisor, as well as the Assistant to the Associate Dean of Academic Programs.

Associate Deans & Special Advisor

Dean Trueman is supported by four Associate Deans and a Special Advisor: the Associate Dean of Residence and Graduate Studies, the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, the Associate Dean of Academic Programs, and the Associate Dean of Student Academic Services; and a Special Advisor for Aerospace.

Faculty Council

This legislative body is responsible for good governance of the academic affairs of the Faculty. The composition of Faculty Council is representative of the academic units in the Faculty, undergraduate and graduate student associations, the Office of the Dean, and other senior academic administrators.

Industrial Advisory Council

The Industrial Advisory Council is committed fostering excellence in academic programs and research, to ensure their relevance, and to enhance the development of the Faculty’s relationships with industry as well as public and parapublic institutions related to engineering and computer science.

Administrative units

The various administrative units within the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science include:


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