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CIWESS labs_thumb.jpgThe Concordia Institute for Water, Energy and Sustainable Systems (CIWESS) trains students to be at the forefront of sustainable development practices. It promotes research into new systems, technologies and solutions for water, energy and resource conservation. The Institute has been thriving for over a year. Find out more on the CIWESS webpages and check out the upcoming events in the area of sustainability.


Mission and Vision

The Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science is dedicated to providing high-quality and comprehensive undergraduate and graduate curricula, to promoting high-caliber research, and to the development of the profession of engineering and computer science in an ethical and socially responsible manner. We strive to prepare graduates to solve real world problems with excellent professional skills leading to superior career opportunities.

The Faculty's vision is to be recognized globally for excellence in innovative, applied, and socially relevant research and for excellence in academic programs for both undergraduate and graduate students.

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All of Concordia's Engineering programs are fully accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board. Computer Science programs are accredited by the Canadian Information Processing Society.

Accreditation initiatives are led by Dr. Ali Akgunduz, Associate Dean of Academic Programs.

Accreditation Assessment System (AAS)

The Attribute Assessment System (AAS) web application enables the recording of graduate attribute assessment as required by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board. For the purposes of the AAS system, each term, every department assigns a set of courses that measure graduate attributes. These courses are said to participate in the AAS system. For each participating course, the department specifies which attributes are assessed in that course.


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