Current students


Current students


Newly admitted students

ENCS Student Academic Services has put together a special advising guide for all incoming students. Find out more about the guide for new students.

Undergraduate program requirements

Find all of the requirements for undergraduate programs, such as course sequences, information on the writing test, capstone projects, grades and graduation evaluations.

Graduate program requirements

Find all of the requirements for graduate programs, including the graduate student handbook.


Wondering how to add or drop a course or what the appropriate credit load for your course is? Check out our Registration pages.

Forms & procedures

Download the student request form, find out about the expectation of originality. Find all the academic forms and procedures.

International exchanges

Would you like to study in another country and have your courses credited at Concordia? The International Student Exchange Program offers a unique opportunity for both undergraduate and graduate students to study overseas.

Industrial experience

To provide more practical experience, non-Co-op undergraduate students will have the option of registering for a work term during the summer semester in the industrial experience program.


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